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Meet our co-founders: Aimée and Sophie


We've been working together since late 2017 when we met on the Zinc incubator programme focused on developing social impact businesses. In October 2017, we joined their first mission: to build businesses that improve the mental and emotional wellbeing for women and girls in the developed world.

After a full immersion into the world of mental health and health tech, we set out to identify the people and causes that fit our personal purpose and passion. Which is where you find us now; building the KIT squad.

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We believe our skills are naturally complementary: Aimée - a seasoned female commercial marketer cum CEO and Sophie - a female digital native in the CTO driving seat. We're both passionate about designing products and services with real people at the heart.

We play on both sides of the tech coin. On the one side we hold a shared belief that tech opens up a world of wonder, discovery, knowledge and connections like never before... but on the other; a shared fear that tech is exacerbating the mental health distress that young girls in particular are experiencing. As such, we’re both committed to building and designing products and services founded on responsible tech that help everyone maintain their human edge. That simply make us better human beans, as the BFG used to say.

Talking to 19 mums in prison about how communication with their families impacted their mental health, was an eye opener!

Talking to 19 mums in prison about how communication with their families impacted their mental health, was an eye opener!

Together, we're a bit of a communications powerhouse, perfectly positioned to bring new communications solutions to the table.

Aimée has 20 years experience as a global marketing communications expert in the financial services, retail and advertising industries, working for and with brands such as Amex, PayPal, Sainsbury’s, Nectar and Virgin Media. In 2017 she published papers on GDPR and consumer purchase behaviour and also launched her own business, focusing on building physical, mental and creative resilience within families.

Sophie is a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate and coding expert, having taught teen girls and senior executives to code through her roles at Code:First Girls and Decoded. Prior to setting up Project Kitchen Table, she created a chatbot designed to teach individuals about cybersecurity. As a speaker, she has been engaged at a number of events around the world, invited to speak on topics such as Data, Chatbots and Women in Technology.

We've spoken to hundreds of Tweenagers about who KIT should be.

We've spoken to hundreds of Tweenagers about who KIT should be.

And we're not going it alone. We have a fabulous advisory board who support us commercially, strategically and mentally.

Dan Bower is a new dad, co-founder and CEO of Hoop, whose mission is to help families discover experiences that will help their children laugh, learn and make new friends. Sarah Darton is mum and CEO at Family Links; a national charity dedicated to empowering children, parents, families, schools and workplaces to be emotionally healthy. And Shiona McDougall is a mum and SVP Strategy at RAPP, a digital and creative agency. 

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We want to enable children from every family circumstance to take control of their own mental health destiny by changing the generational hand they’ve been dealt. We want to arm them with the mental resilience and social confidence they need for the moments that matter the most. 

We believe responsible tech can change the world for the better. And we're using our voices to advocate for change and promote women in tech.

We're loving the journey so far and have lofty ambitions for the future. We're SEIS/EIS applicable and actively looking for investors.

Please join us and help make our vision a reality.

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