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Houston, we have a communication problem.

Communication and mental health go hand in hand, well until they don't.

Good communication skills and a supportive family environment are cited as protective factors for our wellbeing and mental health by Public Health England and charities like The Children's Society. It's a fact that kids thrive when they speak up and feel heard. And yet environments in which children learn their social skills are on the decline. Families are spending less quality time together, chewing the fat, agreeing to disagree and teaching kids the skills they need for life.

We need to find another way.

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Holding it all in, is bad for your health.

Idle chit chat, banter, comfortable silences... it's all good for you.

But the pressures of life are getting the better of us all. As parents, we're more distracted and under pressure. Reaching us and keeping our attention is hard and our kids are missing out on the conversations that can shape them. Families aren't connecting as vocally as they used to.

For our children, this is a problem.

  • Kids with poor social skills are more likely to be bullied at school.

  • Teens girls who internalise, are more likely to develop eating disorders. 

  • Adults with anxiety or depression make less considered choices for themselves and their family.

Voicing it aloud releases the pressure valve.

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To help individuals voice, converse and release.

When Alexander Bell created the telephone, 100% of all communications were vocal. Today, 85% of all communication conducted on our phones is silent. We want to reset that balance and help individuals find their voice again.

With voice assisted technology embedded in 1 in 5 households, we see voice tech as a game changer. No longer a silent, physical barrier between individuals but an opportunity to connect families in a whole new way.

It’s why we’ve created KIT; your digital coach, companion and confidante.

KIT’s purpose is to arm individuals with the social confidence and skills they need:

  • to maintain a role in the community

  • to look themselves in the eye every day


  • to voice and release the inner turmoil, out loud.

We'd love talking to KIT to become part of everyday life, at home and as part of the school curriculum. Making every human interaction count.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash.

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