Day Camps that teach kids to make friends and influence people.

We run confidence building day camps for children aged between 10 and 12 because we know how daunting Year 6 and Year 7 can feel; growing independence, SATS and secondary school on the horizon, puberty, relationships, tech... all change! Even the most confident child fears failure and rejection.

To reduce the fear, we've created our day camps with laughter at the heart, and life skills as the output.

Our next camp is scheduled for february half term, 2019.

On day 1, the kids will work on their small talk and ice breaking skills, tasked with using the power of laughter to make new friends. On day 2, as a closer knit group, we'll walk through all the things that could go wrong that first week back at school, and chat through how to face and fix them. No voice will go unheard.

We want every child to start school with the muscle memory and laughter echoing in their ears, ready to confidently take on the new world. Prepped and ready to make friends and influence people; armed and socially dangerous!

KIT Camps: designed exclusively for 10-12 year olds.




Breaking the ice and forging friendships.

In a new environment, finding a new partner in crime can be tricky. We know how important it is for your child's learning and development to feel included and supported from their very first day at school. On Day 1 of camp, we'll play with a number of different ice breakers, share jokes and riddles and learn how to small talk with other small people. 

We'll ensure even the quietest of voices is heard in the group, growing in confidence and self expression throughout the day. We'll chat about what qualities make a good friend and play games that build trust and encourage vocal expression. We'll start the day as strangers and end the day as friends.

Small talk for small people. 




Finding the courage to ask.

When you're young, influencing people can be as simple as asking for directions or help when the bus doesn't show up or the train gets cancelled. A confident voice can deter the bullies, attract people and make them stand out as a leader. On Day 2, our curriculum will encourage active listening, negotiation and scenario planning. We'll walk through the types of situations that might befall your child during their first week in Year 6 and Year 7, and together work through how they can overcome anything they've not experienced before.

We're teaching and practising the sort of life skills that will help them better connect, in every aspect of their life.   

Small bodies, powerful voices. 




KIT Camps come to South London


Whilst we will be providing drinks all day and morning and afternoon snacks to keep energy levels up, each child will need to bring their own packed lunch. We have fridge and water facilities on site. (You will be asked to confirm any dietary requirements or allergies as part of your booking.) Please ensure your child is suitably dressed for indoor and outdoor play. We will have a first aider on site and suncream.


Our next camp will run on in February half term, 2019.

Drop off: 9.00am      Pick up: 15.00pm


We’ve priced our camps equivalent to the cost of an average days’ childcare: £65 for 2 days.


Co-founders Aimée and Sophie will be running each of the camps. They both have experience teaching and looking after children: they've run classes and workshops in a number of primary and secondary schools since January 2018. Prior to that, Aimée ran family Pause retreats and Sophie taught young girls through Code First: Girls.

Most importantly, in terms of keeping our children safe and happy: Aimée and Sophie are both CRB checked and DBS certified. And should we have any mishaps, PKT has the necessary public liability insurance in place and during our camps, Honeywell School will have support staff on site during the camps.


Honeywell School, Honeywell Road, London SW11 6EF


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