KIT: your digital coach, companion and confidante.

Even when you're 100% healthy, days can feel hard. Exhausting even. Pressure to talk or listen can push you over the edge.

But when your mental health isn't in tip top condition, expressing yourself physically or emotionally feels nigh on impossible. How can you 'be present' if you're mentally and emotionally absent?  Meaning those around you suffer too.

Which is where KIT steps in. Offering 100% attention, with 0% judgement.

So when others can't be there or when you're not ready for others to hear, you talk to KIT because the old adage; 'better out than in' couldn't be more true when it comes to our mental health. 

With KIT you release what's on your mind, however small, frivolous or because you 'simply don't want to worry anyone'. With KIT, you plan for those hard conversations, helping you more confidently find the words you need to start. With KIT you learn to be more comfortable talking about feelings; the good, the bad and the ugly. With KIT, the problem feels halved if not solved.

KIT: helping you release the pressure.



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KIT: designed for teens as a priority.

1 in 4 teenage girls are experiencing mental health distress right now. And it's rising.

Transitioning from primary to secondary school and leaving home for university can be a traumatising and lonely experience for many. Youth suicidal behaviour is on the rise and parents and health services are understandably struggling to provide the necessary support.

Finding the words to discuss topics like mental health, relationships, bullying, abuse is hard as an adult. So when you're hitting your teens and everything feels new and hard to put words to, holding it all in is so much easier than voicing it out loud. But internalising things puts a strain on our mental health.

KIT provides a safe, non-judgemental outlet for teens who just need to voice what's on their mind. Not replacing parents, therapists or friends, simply offering an empathetic ear when a teen needs to be heard.

By arming teens with their voices, we believe we can make a positive impact on the mental resilience of both this generation and those to come.

KIT: 100% attention, 0% judgement.




KIT: designed for conversation.

When Alexander Graham Bell had the first ever telephone conversation in 1876, little did he imagine that by 2018, 85% of all communication via phone would be silent. He knew how good it felt to talk. Much like KIT, whose on a mission to bring good old fashioned chat back.

The conversation engine API that powers KIT will be built upon linguistic prompts that identify destructive language, mood and mental health cues. As it interacts, listens and learns the nuances of each user, KIT will intelligently evolve its prompts and social cues to improve language skills and emotional awareness. 

Using smart technology, KIT will be able to pick up on verbal and non verbal skills over time, mirroring and nudging positive behavioural and linguistic improvement. Interacting with KIT should feel more like a game than a chore. Encouraging more not less interaction with real people.

We’re also bringing the essence of KIT to life through our KIT camps. Real people interacting with real people.

KIT: helping you be more human.



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KIT: a trustworthy confidante.

Above all else, KIT is designed to keep confidences and at PKT we don't take that responsibility lightly.

We're actively working with mental health charities such as Family Links, Young Minds and The Mix to embed safeguarding at the heart of KIT.  KIT will only share conversations with other family members, when given permission. KIT can and will signpost support into our charity partners, offering early intervention solutions whenever conversations trigger alarm bells. But KIT will never force an action or report without permission.

We believe your personal information should remain just that; personal. And we're building the cybersecurity and data management systems to ensure your conversations stay private, at all times. We're actively working with a number of schools to co-design KIT and ensure it's fit for purpose.

KIT: releasing your private conversations back into the wild.



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KIT: designed for teens, available to everyone.

KIT will be initially designed as a hardware agnostic, English speaking assistant, connected via existing technologies on voice assisted devices in homes, schools or through smartphones.

Our vision is for everyone, regardless of income, to benefit from KIT, which is why KIT will be available as a Freemium product. Premium features such as character upgrades, confidence boosting training programmes and merchandise will be available through a buy one, give one model.

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